Features of choosing a front loader

Features of choosing a front loader

15 / 02 / 2021

Front-end loaders are the type of equipment that is actively used in various fields. They are involved in work in quarries and in agriculture, in utilities, in construction. Do not forget that everything has its own specifics and its benefits for the enterprise depend on the correct choice of the machine. If you listen to the opinion of experts, then you need to select according to the following parameters.

For what needs

It is important to understand that the features and cost of equipment for municipal needs or industry are seriously different. While the latter are ready to work for hours on end without stopping, the former are more designed to be agile, quick and perform a wider range of actions. It is necessary to take into account whether the loader will stand with the ignition on, often idle.

Already based on the characteristics of the scope of application, a model is selected in one or another modification. After that, you should pay attention to the performance characteristics.

About sizes

It is important that you get the maximum benefit from the use of equipment with the optimal consumption of fuel and lubricants. This result can be achieved by calculating the weight of the materials that will be involved, as well as the amount of work per shift.

When choosing, pay attention to:

  • power;
  • carrying capacity;
  • fuel consumption;
  • bucket volume.

For many, a typical mistake is buying a small loader for the sake of economy - as a result, it has to be equipped with a large bucket, which affects the productivity and the rate of wear of the mechanisms.

A couple more tips

As you study the specifications, take a closer look at the tires and whether the transmission is automatic or mechanic. Ask how many departments are in the hydraulic valve. Do not forget about the weight of the equipment, as this parameter also affects the work.

If you need to use it in road construction, then the ideal solution would be loaders with brushes and snow blowers included. But for land management, jaw blades and cutters are needed.

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