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The subsoiler is a machine that deeply loosens the soil, performs additional crushing of the topsoil, leveling the field surface and partial crushing of long-stem plant residues. Sometimes it is used instead of a plow.
As a result of the use of a subsoiler, it is possible to concentrate 15-30 mm more reserves of productive moisture in a meter layer of soil than with other types of soil cultivation.
Deep loosening consists in cutting through the soil layers. This process is carried out using a subsoiler that penetrates the soil, loosens the soil and creates furrows and aerates it.
Subsoilers do not turn the soil over, but loosen and break it into small parts, without changing the profile of the layers and the content of organic matter in the soil.
The characteristics of the subsoiler make it the ultimate farm machine. It is deep tillage, complementary to plowing, which creates ideal mechanical and physical conditions for any type of crop and allows the following:
- increase the space for the root system;
- increase water drainage;
- to raise the water due to the capillary action, eliminating the hard layer;
- Reduce fuel consumption and power compared to traditional plowing.

 ERMO Subsoiler Levante version H fixed frame

Coverage from 2.5 meters to 5 meters

Working depth up to 70 cm

Heavy-duty, monolithic, high-strength steel frame.

Hydraulic adjustment of the double stud roller. Shaft Ø 220 mm

Racks made of Hardox

ERMO subsoiler Levante model L version fixed frame

Coverage from 2.5 to 3 meters

Working depth up to 50 cm

Monolithic frame for medium loads

Hydraulically adjustable roller. Shaft Ø 165 mm

ERMO has developed a tine with 3 ideal angles for easy penetration into the soil, which allows for better soil reduction and less power absorption from the tractor, which reduces fuel consumption.

ERMO manufactures tines from Hardox 400 steel to ensure long service life and high resistance in case of hard soil or stones.

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