Mounted plow Evolution 0
Mounted plow Evolution 1
Mounted plow Evolution 2
Mounted plow Evolution 3

Mounted plow 100 - 110 - 120 - 150 - 200 series Evolution. Available with mechanical working width adjustment (5 working positions) or hydraulic working width adjustment. Models 120 and 150 are also available with ON LEND option.

The Evolution series is available from 2 to 7 bodies with a power range from 80 to 450 hp. and working depths from 18 cm to 40 cm.
Distance 90 - 100 - 110 - 120 cm depending on the model.
Clearance 75-80-85-90 cm depending on the model

All pivots are lubricated and fitted with cemented bushings to minimize wear and friction for long plow life.

Plow with easy first furrow adjustment and quick control settings

The skid is made of cast iron for long-term use.

All bolts of class 10.9.

Unique design, the main frame is made without welding seams and holes, which are the main reason for loosening and breaking.

Frame sections: 120x120x8, 120x120x10, 150x120x10, 200x120x10 and 200x200x10 mm.

All blade struts are attached to the main frame with bolted steel brackets. This system reduces the torsional load on the main frame.

Blade tine dimensions: 80 mm at the top and 160 mm at the bottom. The thickness can be 25 mm, 30, 35 mm and 40 mm, depending on the working depth and tractor power.

Thanks to these technical features, we can equip the plow with M20 or M24 bolts to increase productivity.

The steering headstock is fitted as standard to all ERMO plows. When combined with a trolley to adjust the working depth and transport, the plow behaves like a trailer, so transport is easy and completely safe.

Range of wheels depending on plow model and soil conditions.

Non-stop system for mounted and semi-mounted plows. The plow with the Non-stop system is used when plowing with a high content of stones and to protect the plow and implements.

In the Non-stop system, the working pressure is regulated by a valve mounted on the headstock of the plow. The actuation of the housing outlet is controlled by a second valve, which determines the opening of the system. This means that the plow is not subject to constant pressure loads, because the valve will only be activated when the preset pressure is exceeded.

The non-stop system consists of and pumps the oil into a nitrogen accumulator, which absorbs the shock and then returns it to the working position, a piston for each element, which allows it to remain in the working position. In the event of a collision with an obstacle, the working body rises.

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