Which is better to choose: a walk-behind tractor or a mini-tractor?

Which is better to choose: a walk-behind tractor or a mini-tractor?

Which is better to choose: a walk-behind tractor or a mini-tractor?

02 / 06 / 2021
Cultivation of land is a lot of work and solving agricultural problems with the help of technology.

Cultivation of land is a lot of work and solving agricultural problems with the help of technology. It is good that today there is an opportunity to buy equipment with the necessary mechanisms and functions, there are units on the market from leading domestic and foreign manufacturers of various modifications. Both a large farmer and an owner of a small farm will find a suitable option for themselves. In this article, we will tell you about the features of small-sized equipment that is available to most. It's about motoblocks and mini-tractors. Budget doesn't mean bad. Many modifications allow you to quickly and inexpensively cope with scheduled tasks.

More about motoblocks

This is a technique with 1 axle and attachments, with the help of which they solve communal and agricultural problems. The power of the motoblocks determines the parameters of the engines. The more productive it is, the more multifunctional and more perfect the unit. The maximum power encountered is 15 liters. from.

Farmers call motoblocks uniaxial tractors. Their design features are as simple as possible:

  • chassis on the frame;
  • engine;
  • Transmission;
  • additional equipment on the trailer.

The existing modifications are divided into 3 classes: light, medium and heavy. The weight of the former does not exceed 40 kg, and the power of gasoline engines is 7 liters. from. Lightweight walk-behind tractors are an excellent choice when you need to perform simple work on an area of ​​up to 20 acres. For example, mowing grass, cultivating or removing snow.

Medium motoblocks are semi-professional machines up to 120 kg. Owners of plots with an area of ​​up to 60 acres should take a closer look at them, when it is necessary to cope with:

  • with plowing;
  • with hilling;
  • with mowing, etc.

Units of the middle class are equipped with gasoline and diesel engines up to 9 liters. from.

Heavy motoblocks are worthy of the attention of owners of plots up to 1 hectare. They weigh about 400 kg and are equipped with diesel engines up to 15 HP. with., which allows you to cope with a large number of complex tasks.

Details about mini tractors

These machines are improved versions of walk-behind tractors. In terms of functionality, they practically do not differ from tractors, but when doing a large amount of work they often need "rest". If you do not pause, the engine will overheat. In this case, the functionality also depends on the engine power. The higher it is, the more productive and multi-tasking the mini-tractor is.

Useful: a model with a 20 horsepower engine will be enough for undemanding farmers, and when you also need to transport goods, clean paths and harvest hay, then 25. Analogues for 50 hp. from. Are powerful mini-tractors that will compete with equipment of standard dimensions.

When choosing between models, you need to look not only at the engine parameters, but also at the type of attachment system. It can be one- and three-point. Systems of the first type are used for mini tractors up to 30 liters. s, the technique is simple and easy to use. Among the advantages of all such mini-tractors, the following are the most striking:

  • good performance;
  • fine tuning;
  • he ability to connect a baler.

The price of this technique is an indicator of its functionality.

Differences and similarities

Is it possible to compare mini tractors and walk-behind tractors? Yes, some models of equipment may well compete with each other. For example, heavy diesel motoblocks and inexpensive mini tractors.


Selection recommendations

When choosing a technique, first of all, you need to set the requirements for the unit and make a list of tasks that need to be solved. Also take into account the area of ​​the site. If the field is more than 1 hectare, you need a front loader and you need to cultivate virgin soil, it is better to buy a mini-tractor. It will allow you to continuously perform work, but the "competitor" will need periodic "rest". In the absence of the above requirements, make a choice in favor of a diesel 

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