The importance of boron on winter oilseed rape

The importance of boron on winter oilseed rape

The importance of boron on winter oilseed rape

20 / 10 / 2021

Autumn care of winter rapeseed crops is a mandatory and extremely important stage in the technology of growing this crop, as at this time the foundation for future yields is laid.
But in addition to basic fertilizer, weed control, pest and disease protection, special attention should be paid to providing it with such an important element as boron. After all, rape is known to be a typical borophile and needs this element in significant quantities. So for the formation of 3 t / ha of rapeseed removes from the soil about 200-400 g of boron. Moreover, about 25% of all boron is absorbed in the fall, and the rest in the spring in the phase of bud differentiation. Boron plays an important role in the metabolism and transport of carbohydrates, contributing to the accumulation in plants of sufficient quantities for successful overwintering. Boron is also part of the cell walls of plants, strengthening them and increasing tissue elasticity.
As a result, the cracking of stems and root collar in frost and strong growth is reduced and the susceptibility to diseases (necrosis of the root neck, verticillosis, etc.) is reduced. In addition, boron is involved in the metabolism of lipids and proteins. Its action increases the content of auxins in plants, which, in turn, improves the growth and development of the root system, which also improves plant overwintering.
Boron is known to be sedentary in the soil and washes well into its lower layers. The lack of this element is primarily observed on very light and carbonate soils, as well as in drought conditions. Visually, the symptoms can be seen in the form of discoloration of the leaves (red-purple) and their twisting. In the future, Boron deficiency can lead to cracking of stems, root collar, penetration of pathogens, deterioration or even cessation of root system growth, freezing of crops. That is why, in case of acute Boron deficiency, it is advisable to use highly concentrated boron fertilizers, such as: Kelatex B, Nutribor or Leafdrip Bor. They will provide the plants with the missing boron and will contribute to the successful overwintering of your rapeseed crops.

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