26 / 08 / 2020

The model is the smallest among the range of full-size JCB products, therefore it is in demand on the Ukrainian agro market. In addition, the popularity is due to such technical characteristics of the JCB 531-70 telescopic loader as high lifting capacity and power, the ability to work on a flexible base, while remaining stable. Small size is not an obstacle for a wide range of work, including handling and material handling.

In order for the technique to pass difficult sections well, the developers have provided for a greater ground clearance.

The loader has many advantages, the first of which is the application of a polyethylene coating instead of a thin sheet of metal. This technology reduces damage to the body coating and makes the handler more aesthetic. A wide range of additional attachment allows to perform more complex work operations, improve the technical characteristics of the JCB 531-70, making it more cost-effective and versatile. All 4 wheels can be steered to ensure maneuverability.

Also, the advantages of the JCB 531-70 include:
- stability, which is ensured by installing a strong and stable chassis;
- productivity of work regardless of the selected mode;
- protection of equipment and operator;
- simple and high quality service.

In addition, the handler is distinguished by high reliability, which is due to the installation of an improved, more durable frame, the coupling of individual elements in it is carried out by means of hinges. In addition to reliability, this design makes the equipment more maneuverable and stable in working conditions with maximum boom reach. Systems are also installed to balance the working bodies, which include receivers. They prevent the implement from tilting, even if the loader is standing on a surface that has a deviation of 10 degrees from the horizon.

Another distinctive feature is the ability to carry out quick and high-quality repairs, technical inspection or maintenance. The main functional units are located in easily accessible places, which makes it possible to carry out repair work in the conditions of a construction site, without the need to drive the machine to a service center.

The functionality of the handler is due to the possibility of purchasing not a standard model, but its modification. One of the improved machines is the JCB 531-70 Agri telehandler. It is characterized by improved maneuvering capabilities, and it is this model that is capable of handling loads at the maximum boom reach, moving them up to 14 m.

The developers have taken care of the high quality of the operator's cab. It features a large interior space and a good arrangement of the main elements. For the convenience of the driver, wide windows and a large glazing area are provided. The control panel, levers and manipulator act as control elements for the working equipment.

The JCB 531-70 Agri loader provides for the installation of special attachments that are most efficiently used in agriculture. The standard machine can be additionally equipped with platforms, buckets, brushes, hooks, etc. With their help, the scope of application of special equipment is expanded up to waste disposal, soil compaction, transportation of reinforced concrete slabs and other building materials. A system for quick change of working equipment is provided.
The price of a JCB 531-70 loader, set at the factory, mainly depends on the modification and equipment with various additional working bodies. Basic assembly includes a 2.5cc bucket m for grain and pallet forks. First of all, this model is used for loading and unloading various goods, transporting bulk materials, etc. In this case, the standard set of operations is performed at high speed, which makes the loader irreplaceable. Additionally, the JCB 531-70 loader can be equipped with buckets, forks, pushers with various dimensions.

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