How to prepare winter cereals for winter?

How to prepare winter cereals for winter?

How to prepare winter cereals for winter?

26 / 10 / 2021

Soon winter grains will stop the autumn vegetation and go to a state of dormancy. And the success of their overwintering and further development in the spring will now depend on how you take care of them. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the plants form a strong root system and accumulate enough sugars.

How can this be ensured?

Usually by feeding plants with Phosphorus and Potassium. Adequate supply of grain with these elements will increase winter hardiness and resistance to stressful situations.

Phosphorus accelerates the growth of the root system, promoting better rooting of plants and more efficient assimilation of soil moisture and nutrients by plants. Phosphorus also improves tillering energy. The great importance of Phosphorus is to improve the accumulation of storage substances, in particular sugars, which ultimately affects the increase in the concentration of cell sap, improving frost and winter hardiness.

Potassium improves the ability of plants to absorb and accumulate water from the soil. The production of dry mass per unit of water used increases. This allows the plants to respond better to lack of moisture. Potassium also affects a number of enzymatic reactions responsible for the ability to synthesize proteins and accumulate sugars and move them, which in turn is reflected in increased resistance to low temperatures and improved winter hardiness.

The best solution to provide your crops with the necessary elements during the autumn growing season is foliar fertilization with Leafdrip PK 0-42-28, Leafdrip 03-11-38 + 4 Mg. The use of these fertilizers will contribute to the successful overwintering of crops and their faster recovery in the spring.

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