How to avoid seeds counterfeiting ?

How to avoid seeds counterfeiting ?

15 / 12 / 2022

Lidea strives to protect its customers from today's common phenomenon of counterfeit seeds, and therefore has prepared a checklist with detailed information on how to avoid counterfeiting and what to pay attention to when choosing original seeds.
There are no cheap quality seeds.
The quality of the seeds in the bag cannot be checked with the naked eye, nor can it be evaluated by all indicators, but the first visual assessment should be at a good level.
You can buy seeds exclusively from official distributors, which are the company PrJSC "Agrimatco-Ukraine"
All Lidea bags have a batch number and a unique digital code that is easily tracked by distributors and the company.
The drugs with which the seeds were poisoned must be indicated on the bag.
There are protective elements on the bag that are applied during packaging and can only be seen under ultraviolet light.
During packing at the factory, control samples are always taken, which are fixed in the general production system, which allows to control the quality of batches and seeds.
In addition to the main ones, the bag also has additional anti-counterfeiting elements, which allows Lidea specialists to distinguish the original from a counterfeit.
In case of any doubts about the originality of the purchased bags, the farmer, without unpacking them, should contact the distributor manager, Lidea representative in the region or the company's hotline ("AgroPydtrymka" bot) for qualified advice and provide a sample of the packed bag for examination.

In order to get a good harvest, buy seeds only from proven places, namely from the official distributor - PJSC "Agrimatco-Ukraine"
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