Autumn Protection of Winter Rape: Recommendations from "Agrimatсo-Ukraine"

Autumn Protection of Winter Rape: Recommendations from "Agrimatсo-Ukraine"

Autumn Protection of Winter Rape: Recommendations from "Agrimatсo-Ukraine"

06 / 10 / 2023

Currently, the appearance of an unwanted guest - the winter weevil - has been noticed in the fields of winter rape.

The winter weevil is an insect common in Ukraine, which feeds on more than 50 species of plants from 36 families. It can cause damage to crops such as cotton, tomatoes, corn, sunflower, sugar beet, legumes, tobacco, winter cereals, soybeans, peas, pumpkin, squash, potatoes, vegetables, castor and hemp. The pest develops in two generations and damages plants at different stages of their development.

Winter caterpillars nibble plants from the soil, and also nibble on leaves and root necks of plants. They can leave completely destroyed plants in the row. Caterpillars of the first generation, which damage seedlings and young plants of sugar beet, sunflower, corn and other crops, are especially dangerous.

Protection measures against the winter scoop include proper tillage of the soil for winter crops, inter-row cultivation of the soil on row crops and soil treatment after harvesting the row predecessors of winter crops. These measures contribute to the death of caterpillars, pronymphs and pupae.

If a high concentration of caterpillars is observed, it is recommended to use insecticides that are in the "List of pesticides and agrochemicals approved for use in Ukraine." Processing is carried out in the evening, when the caterpillars are actively feeding on plants.

The company "Agrimatсo-Ukraine" advises you to use the drug from our partners - Shtefes, namely Shtefotruta! This product is designed to help your winter crops cope with weather changes and pests.

Active substance: chlorpyrifos, 500 g/l, + cypermethrin, 50 g/l

Preparative form: emulsifiable concentrate

Spectrum of action: common beet weevil, passing fly, beet flea, beet scale, harmful beetle, leeches, aphids, thrips

Packaging: 5 l


It has a contact, fumigant, local-systemic and repellent effect. Destroys a complex of openly living sucking and biting insects at all stages of their development, limits the development of plant-eating mites and has an insecticidal effect on a number of soil pests. Effective against pests resistant to pyrethroids and organophosphorus compounds.


Effective against a wide range of pests on various crops;

High speed of contact action;

The two-component composition of the active substance increases efficiency, eliminating the risk of resistance in pests;

A reliable means of combating pests that are in hard-to-reach places.


Do not mix with sulfonylurea herbicides.

Compatible with drugs produced by DDE FARM AG. When using with drugs from other manufacturers, it is necessary to conduct a preliminary check on the compatibility of the components and the phytotoxicity of the mixture.


It is recommended to carry out spraying at temperatures from +10 to +25ºС using ground equipment in the morning (before 10) and evening (after 18) hours with minimal air flows. Air speed during fine-droplet spraying should not exceed 3 m/s, with large-droplet spraying - 4 m/s. Spraying of crops should be carried out during the growing season of the crop as a preventive measure or when pests reach the economic threshold of harmfulness.

Stefotruta is a reliable ally in the fight against autumn diseases of winter crops. This product is specially formulated to help your winter crops cope with changing weather and pests. It provides reliable protection for your plants at the most important moment in their life.

Protect your winter crops and ensure great success for your farmer together with Agrimatсo-Ukraine and Shtefes. Together we will achieve the best results!


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