Advantages of All-in-one solution aproach

Advantages of All-in-one solution aproach

Advantages of All-in-one solution aproach

23 / 10 / 2019

At the end of August, the Agrimatco company held its traditional Field Day, where, in addition to crops and nutrition technologies, it demonstrated modern equipment for agribusiness.

This year the Agrimatco company held a traditional field day in Uman, where it demonstrated the technologies and state of the main hybrids that it represents on the market. Experts talked about protection and nutrition systems, and also showed a range of equipment, therefore the main task is to provide complex solutions for farmers - from seed to machinery. Farid Abu Hadid, General Director of Agrimatco, noted that the expansion of the product line is planned in the near future. It is now that the personnel undergo training in order to start selling new types of agricultural machinery from the new year. These are mineral fertilizer spreaders and tractors with a capacity of 100-200 hp. C. that will completely cover the needs of farmers. Now the company has a full line of seeding equipment, trailed and self-propelled sprayers, so tractors are almost the only open link. The line of plant protection products will also expand due to the addition of one more brand, and the range of mineral fertilizers will increase. The development of the direction of vegetable seeds and drip irrigation will continue, therefore the current year has shown good prospects for this segment.

Three brands were presented at the Field Day: Monosem, JCB and JACTO. Monosem pneumatic row-crop planters provide unmatched seed spreading accuracy with precise seed spacing in the row. In addition, the sowing depth is stable despite changing soil conditions. The unique control system of the Monosem sowing device has no analogues in Ukraine, since one lever regulates the vacuum, as well as the position of the seed spreader. Accordingly, it can be adjusted with high precision. For example, if twins are visible, you can slightly reduce the pressure drop while lowering the ejector. The metering unit is made of robust aluminum alloy for a robust and durable construction. 1.5mm thick metal disc with bronze tedder efficiently dissipates heat. The guests were presented a mounted 8-row anchor seeder NC Technik with row spacing of 70 cm, an inter-row cultivator with a fertilizer tank, as well as a trailed seeder with disc coulters with an electric sowing device.

The JACTO brand was represented by two models - self-propelled and trailed. The trailed sprayer BK 3024 has a boom width of 24 m and is equipped with a 3000 l tank. A feature of this model is the VORTEX air support system, which significantly improves the quality of spraying during windy weather or at high speed. In addition, due to the turbulent flows, the working solution covers both the upper and lower leaf surfaces along the entire plant height. Thus, even in the later stages of the growing season, the maximum effect of the treatment is achieved. The VORTEX system consists of two fans and hoses, through which the air is distributed along the boom and then directed downwards through the holes.

The self-propelled model JACTO Uniport 4530 with a 36-meter boom and a 4500 l tank is distinguished by the fact that a nozzle shut-off is installed in the basic configuration, and the nozzles are located with a pitch of 35 cm. The Brazilian-made JP300 piston pump with ceramic sleeves has a long service life due resistance to aggressive environment. Intelligent hydrostatics independently controls the engine speed depending on the tasks and actual working conditions. Thus, a decrease in fuel consumption is achieved and the resource of the engine increases. For example, when moving up or down slopes, the computer will automatically decrease or increase the speed to ensure the inflicted speed of movement and the rate of effusion. The Traction Control system, using angular rate sensors, constantly monitors the grip of the wheels with the ground and, in the event of slipping, redistributes traction to the wheels that have better grip on the field surface. The boom stabilization system consists of two parts - manual, with a three-position switch lever that changes the rigidity of the mount, and also automatically controlled by hydraulic cylinders. In this case, three degrees of hardness can be set.

JCB machines were represented by three loaders: telescopic, multipurpose, frontal, in modification for ramming hay and silage, and the smallest - with a side turn. The advantages of the latter are maneuverability, the ability to turn almost on the spot, as well as a standard side entrance to the cab. It is ideal for livestock applications where compact size and ease of use are a priority. In addition to the usual bucket, up to 40 types of special equipment can be installed here with the possibility of connecting hydraulics to drive mechanisms.

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