Tractor license and how to obtain it

Tractor license and how to obtain it

16 / 02 / 2021

It is no secret that certain documents are required to move and work on a tractor, which are issued by Gostekhnadzor.

To get an ID, you need to collect:

  • copy of your passport;
  • statement;
  • health certificate;
  • photograph.

In some cases, additional certificates may be required if the commission requires it.

As soon as the collection and submission of documents is over, you must pass a special exam. It consists of two parts - theory and practice. You will have to answer questions about safety, traffic rules, the device of an agricultural tractor, and then show a decent level of driving.

In cases where the examinee has valid rights with an open category (except for A, A1 and B), the certificate is issued without the need for additional training. This rule only works for documents confirming driving a tractor from categories A1 and A2.

After passing the exam, a tractor driver-driver's certificate is issued without any time limit. Replacement of rights is required if the machine is unsuitable for further use or if something happened to the document itself.

Now tractors are actively used on farm land or in private households. These are self-propelled vehicles that require certain procedures when replacing or obtaining a license. Agricultural work is prohibited without a license.

There is an opinion that the right to drive a car is suitable for driving any equipment. It is wrong. Any type of transport has its own characteristics, which are taken into account when passing exams and issuing certificates. After you have decided on the type of equipment to carry out the work, you should start teaching driving.

It is also important that even to operate mini-garden tractors, an appropriate document is required

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