Long-term storage of onions. How to prepare?

Long-term storage of onions. How to prepare?

18 / 07 / 2022

Dear customers,
We remind you that now is the time to take care of long-term storage of onions and treat them with a growth inhibitor (phasor) at the rate of 9 l/ha, for long-term storage and to prevent germination.
The portfolio of Agrimatсo-Ukraine includes excellent preparations from the company Belchim - Itcan.
A new liquid formulation of maleic acid hydrazide for treating onions and potatoes and preventing sprouting during storage.

Systemic growth regulator
It migrates into meristematic tissues and inhibits cell division, affecting mitosis
Does not affect cell elongation

Recommendations for use
The optimum air temperature for use is up to 25°С. Avoid use at temperatures above 25°C. The wind speed during application should not exceed 4 m/s.
The recommended consumption rate of the working solution is 300-600 l/ha.

Mechanism of action
After processing potato and onion plantings, the drug is absorbed by the leaves and moves along the vascular system to tubers and bulbs, preventing further cell division. At the same time, plants remain green and continue active growth, because the drug does not affect the stretching of cells. This allows the plants to gradually gain the necessary mass and at the same time avoid the risk of secondary growth, which has a negative impact on the quality of products.
The systemic growth regulator migrates into meristematic tissues and inhibits cell division, affecting mitosis.

ACTIVE INGREDIENT:................. Maleic acid hydrazide 270 g/l
PREPARATIVE FORM:.................. Soluble concentrate
SPENDING NORM:.......................9.0-11.0 l/ha
NORM OF WORKING FLUID:......... 300-600 l/ha

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