Agripeat professional peat: the best choice for your plants

Agripeat professional peat: the best choice for your plants

Agripeat professional peat: the best choice for your plants

24 / 04 / 2024

Substrates are a necessary component in agriculture, especially in growing plants in conditions where the soil is not optimal for their growth. The use of substrates allows you to create an ideal environment for the development of the root system of plants, providing the necessary nutrition and water supply.

Studies show that the use of substrates in agriculture can significantly increase the yield and quality of products. They allow you to control the level of humidity, the size of soil particles and its composition, which in turn affects the health and development of plants.

One of the most common and effective forms of substrates is peat. Peat is known for its high moisture content and ability to retain nutrients, making it ideal for growing plants in any environment.

Choosing professional peat for your garden can be a crucial step in achieving maximum results in gardening and growing plants. Among the large number of offers on the market, Agripeat peat is noted for its high quality and efficiency.

Why Agripeat peat?
1. High-quality sphagnum peat: Agripeat is made from high-quality white sphagnum peat, which guarantees optimal conditions for plant growth.
2. Complex fertilizers: Its unique composition contains complex water-soluble NPK fertilizers and important trace elements necessary for healthy growth and development of plants.
3. High moisture capacity: Agripeat peat has a high moisture capacity, which makes it ideal for use in the hottest climates.
4. Ease of use: Does not require the addition of lime or pH adjustment, which makes the process of growing plants even more convenient and efficient.

According to research conducted by university laboratories, the use of peat as a substrate in agriculture can increase crop yields by up to 30% compared to traditional soil cultivation. It has also been found that plants grown on peat have better resistance to stressful conditions such as drought or disease.

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